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Unlock Your Child’s Potential with Grade1.lk

We offer a comprehensive range of materials from Grade 1 to Grade 13, carefully crafted to align with the national curriculum, ensuring academic excellence at every stage of your child’s educational journey.

Tailored Workbooks for
Every Grade Level

Explore our comprehensive range of grade-specific workbooks designed to support students at every stage of their academic journey. From pre-school to advanced levels, our carefully curated collection provides engaging activities, practice exercises, and targeted content aligned with the curriculum. Empower your child to reach their full potential and excel in their studies with our grade-specific workbooks.


Nurture Early Development and Ignite Curiosity in Young Learners through Engaging Activities and Playful Exploration!

Grade 1

Build Fundamental Skills and Foster a Love for Learning!

Grade 2

Strengthen Knowledge and Develop Critical Thinking Abilities!

Grade 3

Master Core Concepts and Excel in the Classroom!

Grade 4

Enhance Problem-Solving Skills and Achieve Academic Excellence!

Grade 5

Expand Knowledge and Boost Confidence in Key Subjects!

Grade 6

Prepare for Middle School Success with Engaging Practice Material!

Grade 7

Bridge the Gap between Concepts and Application for Deeper Understanding!

Grade 8

Develop Advanced Skills and Excel in High School Preparations!

Grade 9

Strengthen Core Competencies and Thrive in Academic Challenges!

Ordinary Level

Support Intermediate Students in Mastering Key Concepts, Strengthening Critical Thinking Skills, and Building a Solid Foundation for Academic Success!

Advanced Level

Challenge and Inspire High Achievers with Stimulating Content, Advanced Problem-Solving Exercises, and Enrichment Opportunities to Excel Beyond Expectations!

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