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We know how hard it is sometimes to collect some rare supplies required by your kid’s school as parents of primary class kids. Believe us, because we ourselves have gone through the drill. We’d do anything to support our kids’ education, but a little help is always welcome. So, that’s what we seek to do at

By analyzing school supply requirements of a handful of schools, we’ve prepared a list of supplies commonly needed for primary classes for different subjects. We’ve collected those items, put those into boxes, and they’re ready to be shipped to your doorstep. The boxes include all the supplies your kid would need for the entire school year for a given subject.

Do you need extra supplies of some item? Not looking for an entire box? Don’t worry, we also deliver items separately.

We do all this for a small price and help you save your time. Using that time to acttally be with your kids is priceless. So, make your order today, and tell your child a story or play with them. We’ll deliver your supplies to your home.