About CD/DVD:

CDs and DVDs are now being lined up as educational media, taking the Sri Lankan education system to a whole new level. Kids today are more interested in new technology than books, so learning with these CDs and DVDs will be a fun experience for them. You can now buy a DVD set called My Tutor from Grade1.lk, which is designed for educational themes and a variety of subjects. Then you can experience how much fun it is to educate your children. In addition, Grade1.lk now owns aunt Janaki Sooriarachchi's '' සෙල්ලම් පිල්ලම් '', ''පිංචි and The Alphabet '' DVDs created for young children. They can also be used to teach children to read and write from an early age. You can buy those CDs and DVDs now from Grade1.lk at an affordable price.