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At  the  far end  of Lily  valley ,  in  a  cosy  nook   hidden  among  the  roots  of  an  old  banyan tree ,  there  lived  a  family  of  fairies  .

The  eldest  son  was  called  Jingbu .

He  had  three  sweet  little  sisters ,  whom  he  tasted  and  pestered  day  in  and  day  out .

They  were  named   Mimsy  ,   Nimsy   and  Pipsy .

Good as : Bed Time Story, Exemplary Story

Self Reading Age :  8 years  to 10 years
Story Telling Age: 3 year to 8 years

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Name:  Jingbu   / The  big  bully

Author : Janaki Sooriyarachchi

Arts: Janaki Sooriyarachchi

Publisher: Tikiri Publishers

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Rs. 250 Rs.187.5

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