Pearson Jane Eyre

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Charlotte Bronte
The Reverned Patrick Bronte,the clergyman in charge of the church at Haworth in Yorkshire,had six children. Five  were girls.The  four oldest girls were sent to a school for the daughters of clergyman at Cowan Bridge.



  1. The reed family
  2. Lowood
  3. Leaving Lowood
  4. Thornfield
  5. Mr Rochester
  6. Fire!
  7. Miss Ingram
  8. The fortune teller
  9. Danger in the night
  10. Mrs Reed dies
  11. I agree to marry Mr Rochester
  12. At the church
  13. I learn the truth
  14. Leaving Thornfield
  15. My new friends
  16. Christmas
  17. I Learn the truth

By Charlotte Bronte

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Rs. 410 Rs.328