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‘The Ant and the Termite’ story book

For those who asked for ‘The Ant and the Termite’ book, we got a new stock.
This is a story about ants and termites. Andy is a clumsy ant and one day he leaves his colony hoping that he can survive outside. Let’s see the challenges he faces and the way he reacts to them.
The lesson here is anybody can improve by doing little changes. It is important to learn from past mistakes and correct them slowly to lead a better life in future.
This book is written by Madisa Withanawasam, a student at Lyceum International School, Panadura. We wish him all the success for his future endevours.
All the images in this book are drawn by AI (artificial intelligence). AI art can either be a painting or an image generated by an artificial intelligence art maker. Currently, there are numerous types of AI art generators.


Dumi Dharmadasa


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